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Bayyinah Institute February 9, 2009

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Alhumduilla, Bayyinah Institute will be offering a course called: Divine Speech: Literary Characteristics of the Qur’an.

If you’ve ever taken a Bayyinah course, you’ll be familiar with the gems Br. Nouman Ali Khan gives out at the end of the class. The gems were actually my favorite part of the entire class 🙂 Grammer is fun an’ all, but can get complicated. The gems are SOOO amazing! They leave you like “woah.” Speechless.

One gem that has been engraved in my mind deals with the amazing style of the Quran. Br. Nouman mentioned to us aya 3 of Surah Al Muddathir:

وَرَبَّكَ فَكَبِّرْ

“And magnify the greatness of your Lord”

For this verse Br. Nouman asked us to disregard the “waw” (which means and) and look at the remaining letters. If one were to disconnect the letters and list them seperateley, they would notice something interesting:

ر ب ب ك ف ك ب ب ر

What you see in front of you is a palindrome. Palindromes are words that are spelled the same backwards and forwards. Examples include: mom, dad, and wow. The amazing thing about this Quranic palindrome is that it is such a POWERFUL statement. “Glorify the greatness of your Lord.” How does the word mom or dad compare in meaning? Also remember that the Prophet (s) did not know how to read and write. He didn’t write out the verses and check for palindromes, etc.

Br. Nouman gave us other palindromes and many more examples of the amazing miracles in the Quran; and not the scientific kinds. I’m extrememely excited for this class!! Can’t wait until it comes 🙂 Don’t miss this opportunity to better get to know the Book of Allah!! Register

Wow…what a way to procrastinate homework 🙂


The Elephant January 30, 2009

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Yesterday my brother started making a poster for a Quran competition. He was searching the web for a good, non-cliche picture and searched “Quran” on Flickr. This was the first picture that came up. An elephant kneeling and listening to a boy reciting Quran. I loved it! I’m not sure if it’s altered or not, but it looks awesome 🙂

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture was Surah Fil. Can you imagine the desert people of Mecca running for their lives from Abraha, to the mountains of Mecca, leaving the Kaaba seemingly unprotected. Now imagine GIANT elephants; creatures you have never seen in your life marching towards your town; towards the sacred Kaaba. Then, right when the Kaaba is about to be destroyed, this giant creature of Allah disobeys his human master to obey his Ultimate Master.

There is no obedience to the creation, when their is disobedience to the Creator. I guess this even applies in animal’s lives.

Overall, a really nice picture.


Finally! November 2, 2008

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I finally posted some worksheets under the Islamic Weekend Schools page. So check it out! 🙂

Hope they help!

UPDATED: February 8, 2009


Quran Recitations August 6, 2008

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I have a list of links on the side of this blog and there’s one link in particular I hope everyone visits.

Kalamullah is a really good website with lots of lectures, articles and Quran. My favorite part of the website is the Quran section. They have a group of recitors under a heading called Exceptional. They ARE exceptional. Subhan’Allah, they have AMAZING qirats.

One of my favorite recitors on the website is Emad Al-Mansary. Mash’Allah his qirat is hands-down amazing!!! 😮 You can find more of his recitations on as well.

I’ve posted a video with 5 surahs he recites below so you can listen 🙂