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Do You Know Allah? April 10, 2009

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Our relationship with the Creator of the universe is kinda sorta, really super duper important! One way to improve our relationship with Allah, is by learning as much as we can about Him. This way,  we can help to protect our Aqeedah (aka beliefs) and of course expand our knowledge of the deen.

While I was surfing the AlMaghrib forums one day, I came across this handy little project created by Qabeelat Nurayn. (yea, my qabeelah!) It’s a compilation of the 99 Names of Allah according to Shaykh Uthaymeen.


*Interesting: The word ‘duper’ is not underlined as misspelled.*


The Shepard’s Path December 4, 2008

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Insha’Allah Qabeelat Nurayan’s next class will be “The Shepard’s Path” taught by Sh. Abdulbary Yahya!

The class description is on the AlMaghrib website. It’s a class about the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Which Muslim wouldn’t want to learn about that!?!?!

The class will be from February 27-March 1st and then March 6-8 in Maryland. The registration fee is $165, but there is financial aid available and you can also get a discount if you sign up in a group of 10 or if you register with family members. (Check the financial aid link)

So give your excuses a black eye!!