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Studying April 1, 2009

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So I had an exam today at 10:30. I didn’t study last night and had planned on studying after Fajr. I woke up late, with enough time to get ready and leave for my 9:30 class. I decided to skip my 9:30 class and study for my exam. So I’m sitting there in my room reading over my notes, when all of a sudden my janoo comes into the room with dadijaan. Of course, how can you study with cute little Hasan in the room!??! You have to keep him entertained, so you put him in front of the Mac with photobooth open…studying…huh, studying, for what??


Hasan’s Cute Laugh March 19, 2009

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My nephew’s been in Canada for a week and a half now. We miss him sooo much! I hope he’s having fun there and I’m 100% his nani, nana, and khalas love having him around. Mash’Allah he’s super adorable and has a super cute laugh 🙂 Before he left me and my brother were playing with him. I started throwing a pillow in the air and he just couldn’t stop laughing. He got hiccups halfway through too. 🙂 So I told my brother to grab the camera and start filming 🙂 Here’s the end product. Enjoy! 😀 

May Allah bless him and protect him. Ameen.


Hasan February 26, 2009

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Alhumdulilla, I’ve been blessed with living in a close knit family. Our house is always lively Mash’Allah, especially because of the latest addition, my nephew, Hasan. 🙂 Time flew by quick and I’m surprised at how much he’s learned in 6 months. He can sit (kinda), clap, say “come” with his hand, and even figured out how to work a light switch pad, and turn it on, Mash’Allah. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, so we have to watch out for that 🙂 Subhan’Allah it’s amazing to see how babies are able to learn so fast. He’s starting to become very mobile. He’s in the beginning stages of crawling and Mash’Allah his crawling style is SUPER cute!! 😀

I made a video of him ‘crawling’ and thought everyone would enjoy it 🙂

May Allah bless him, protect him and make him a strong and pious Muslim. Ameen.


Baby Hasan August 20, 2008

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I’ve been pretty busy for the past few days! My sister-in-law delievered a healthy happy baby boy Mash’Allah. His name is Hasan 🙂

Subhan’Allah it was an amazing experience to be waiting and waiting. There were happy, sad, quite, thoughtful moments throughout the whole ordeal. Alhumdulillah both mom and baby are doing very well. Insha’Allah they’ll be coming home today or tomorrow, and we’re all extrememly excited for that! 🙂

I think he’ll keep all of us busy for the time being, so until then, I’ll probably have fewer and fewer blogs 🙂

Here’s a video of him: