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Muslims in China February 16, 2009

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I’ve always had an interest with the Muslims in East Asia. If I could travel anywhere in Asia, I would love to go to visit China or Japan. My dad lived in Japan for a few years, during his elementary and middle school years and my uncle lives there now. I really want to see the place he lived and the masjids there. East Asia is just so interesting. 🙂

I wikied Chinese Muslims just to get some history (I know, not the best source) and it turns out that Muslim convoys went to China during the rule of Uthman (ra) under the leadership of Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas (ra). Muslims live in almost every region of China. The highest numbers are found in the northwest provinces of Xinjiang, Gansu, and Ningxia, with significant populations also found throughout Yunnan province in southwest China and Henan Province in central China. Here’s a map, just to put things in perspective. BBC gives a large range of the number of Muslims living in China; between 20-100 million.

When we went for Umrah 7 years ago, our hotel clerk was Chinese. My dad said that some Chinese Muslims came to Saudi Arabia for Hajj and stayed there on political asylum. The clerk spoke fluent Arabic and had never been to China.

I think the architecture of there masjids are amazing. This just proves that Islam doesn’t disregard culture, as some people claim. Their masjids are full of culture! The style and design of the masjids are so unique! Some aspects of culture go along with the deen, and therefore can be kept. When an aspect of culture goes against the deen, then that part should be dropped and avoided.

I also find the East Asian Muslim’s appearance amazing. Mash’Allah, they’re just so unique, because they don’t look like the “typical” Muslim (Although I’m not sure if there is a “typical” Muslim anymore). The universality and vastness of Islam is clear. Just google Chinese Muslims, Muslims in China, etc. and see the awesome diversity of the Muslim Ummah. 🙂



Railway in Mecca February 11, 2009

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I found this story on BBC: China to Build Mecca Railway System

I’m glad to see that Saudi Arabia is finally investing in building a railway system between the major hajj sites. After my parents came back from Hajj, that was our main conversation for a long time; why aren’t there railways built between Arafat, Mina and Muzdalifa!?! Alhumduillla. I can only think of one question about this article…should China be the one building the railway? Does it matter?