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Revert Story January 12, 2009

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I love hearing stories about how people become Muslim. Whenever you see someone embracing Islam in person, it brings tears to your eyes. Tears of happiness of course :’) and tears of sadness. Sadness is only because you are reminded of how precious this deen is and how the Muslims are asleep. How you yourself are in dire need of improvement, how people around the world are SEARCHING for this deen which we have been blessed with.

One of the best stories I’ve heard from a revert would have to be Br. AbuBakr’s from Australia. His story literally sends chills down your spin and Subhan’Allah leaves you speechless. It also reminds us of our weak relationship with the Quran. Honestly, I wish I understood it more than just the English translation. Going to Bayyinah Institute for 10 days makes you feel like you don’t know this Book. I wish that the Quran would impact the Muslim Ummah the same as it impacts revert daily worldwide.

I’ve known about this video for a while now, and love hearing it over and over again! 🙂 Hope it inspires you and leaves you in awe.