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Do You Know Allah? April 10, 2009

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Our relationship with the Creator of the universe is kinda sorta, really super duper important! One way to improve our relationship with Allah, is by learning as much as we can about Him. This way,  we can help to protect our Aqeedah (aka beliefs) and of course expand our knowledge of the deen.

While I was surfing the AlMaghrib forums one day, I came across this handy little project created by Qabeelat Nurayn. (yea, my qabeelah!) It’s a compilation of the 99 Names of Allah according to Shaykh Uthaymeen.


*Interesting: The word ‘duper’ is not underlined as misspelled.*


The Shepherd’s Path Reflection March 1, 2009

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Alhumduilla, I’ve spent the past weekend listening to Sh. Abdulbary Yahya tell us about the Seerah. Mash’Allah the class is amazing so far, and I’m sure it’ll only get better. 🙂 I’m sad to see it coming to an end soon.

Within the first ten minutes of the class, everyone was in tears. Sh. Abdulbary was telling us about the worst calamity that could hit this ummah: the death of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). You can tell that a class where everyone is tearing up in the first ten minutes is going to be amazing.

Sh. Abdulbary told us plenty of stories about the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions. One thing that really sticks out to me is a story from the time of when Banu Hashim had sanctions put against them. Saad ibn Abi Waqqas relates about his experience during that time. He said that they were so hungry that the people were eating grass and leaves. He tells about one time when he was so hungry that he found a wet, sticky substance on the ground. He said he had no idea what it was, but that he just held his nose and ate it. He said he never found out what he ate; one can only guess. Saad (ra) also said that one day he found an old leather shoe. He took it, boiled it in water and chopped it into small pieces, and then ate it. 😦 Honestly, I was telling my brothers and Abu on the ride home, that I felt so guilty. Look at the luxury we live in! We have so much food to eat that we are becoming obese and food is thrown out! SubhanAllah.

Another thing which really struck me was when Sh. Abdulbary mentioned the Hadith about how the poor will enter Jannah 500 years before the rich. Why? Because they don’t have much to be accounted for. Look at all the possessions we have to take account for! I mean we really have to ask ourselves if what we buy is necessary or not.

To see more gems from the class click here.



Trip to Texas January 20, 2009

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WOW this post is looooong overdue! SubhanAllah, we’ve been back from Texas for like a month! I started writing this post like a day after I got back, and have been so lack about finishing it! I was having trouble with uploading the photo album, but it’s working now Alhumdulilla!!

Over winter break my family was blessed with the opportunity to attend Texas Dawah Convention. This was our first visit to the convention and to Houston. How many miles are between the DC area and Houston, TX? According to Google Map we covered 1, 391 miles, which was ideally supposed to take 21 hours and 22 mins. Our trip was longer than that, but Alhumdulilla it was a good experience 🙂

It took us two days to drive, so we stopped over in Birmingham, AL. Alhumdulilla, while in Alabama, we got to attend Fajr at the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center. The masjid was converted from a church and Mash’Allah a nice facility. The Qir’aat was amazing and the whole feel of the Masjid was blessed. While praying I couldn’t help but think about how far Islam has spread around the world.

We also got to visit a masjid in Hattiesburg, Mississippi on our second day of driving. The Islamic Center of Hattiesburg was not as glamorous as the last masjid by any means.But Subhan’Allah, just knowing that Muslims were here, worshiping Allah,was really amazing. It’s hard to describe in words.

We arrived in Houston two days before the convention for “sightseeing.” I put that in quotes because our concept of sightseeing is a little different. We didn’t go the Gulf of Mexico, the NASA Space Center or the San Jacinto Monument.(In fact I’m not sure if those are tourist “hotspots,” I’m guessing) Instead we went “masjid hopping,” Alhumdulilla 🙂 The term “masjid hopping” refers to the act of going around to different masjids just for the heck of seeing masajids and Muslim communities 🙂

The first masjid we saw in Houston was the Adel Road Masjid, or Masjid Bilal. (AKA “Adil” Road Masjid to the local aunties) It was undergoing renovation, but Mash’Allah another magnificently built mosque. We went in and Alhumdulilla we hear children reviewing the Quran 🙂

Other masjids we visited included Masjid Hamza and Masjid El-Farouq. My brothers and dad also got a chance to visit the Stafford Masjid.

Both masjids were amazing! Masjid Hamza had been damaged by Hurricane Ike and was getting re-carpeted. There was a halaqa going on upstairs in Arabic.

Masjid El-Farouq made you feel like you had stepped into an Arab country. Mash’Allah I’ve never seen such a magnificent masjid in America. It was landscaped beautifully and was probably the cleanest masjid I’ve ever seen. The Qiraat there made your heart melt and it gave you an eman rush 🙂 It was right next door to Dar us-Salaam bookstore, which we also visited 🙂 I got a nice abaya from there 😀

We got to downtown a day before the convention started and got to visit the Islamic Dawah Center. I think it was nice to have a masjid right in downtown, Mash’Allah. The guy who worked there said it functioned more like a non-profit organization, instead of a masjid. So it wasn’t open for daily salah, it closed at like 5. It was converted from an old bank and one of the main proponents of the masjid was Hakeem Olajuwon, the retired basketball player. The vault in the basement had Islamic artifacts, definitely not the typical masjid.

The convention was in the George R. Brown Convention Center. Alhumdulilla, the convention was awesome. It was different than other conventions I have been to, because there was more of a focus on attending the lectures. The bazaar was definitely smaller than other major conventions. This was a good reason for people to go listen to the lectures, instead of loitering in the bazaar.

We got a chance to hear lots of speakers including Yasir Qadhi, Abdulbary Yahya, Ibrahim Dremali, Yaser Birjas, Nouman Ali Khan and Waleed Basyouni.

One of my favorite lectures would have to be Sh. Ibrahim Dremali’s. His topic was called “My Ummah, My Ummah.” He talked about how the Prophet (s) loved this ummah, and was worried about us getting into Jannah. He was so concerned for us and cared so deeply for us, it’s sad to see the Muslims throw Islam behind their backs and still claim to love the Prophet (s). It was a moving lecture; you had to be there. By the end of the lecture the whole auditorium had tears rolling down their eyes. In fact, he himself started crying while delivering the speech.

One thing which was unique from other conventions was the “Chai Chat.” This was a night session where Sh. Yasir Qadhi and Sh. Yaser Birjas discussed the meat issue. “The meet on meat.” It was good, and both Shaykhs gave alternative view points, mainly about eating chicken. However at the end, very few people ended up changing their minds about the meat they eat 🙂 On a side note, both shaykhs happend to wear the exact same shalwar khameez and that happened to be unplanned!

Another thing which was unique about this convention was the talent show. The winners were four cute kids who were really good at rapping! I didn’t catch the words the main “rapper” was saying, because it was waaaaay too fast. But Mash’Allah they were cute and invited back to perform the next day during the night show. Also during the talent show, someone accepted Islam, Alhumdulilla. He had left his family’s Christmas dinner to come to the convention center and take his Shahada, according to Sh. Yasir Qadhi 🙂

Alhumduilla, it was a fun trip and I definitely miss the weather a lot! 😦 Hope everyone likes the pics! 🙂


The Shepard’s Path December 4, 2008

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Insha’Allah Qabeelat Nurayan’s next class will be “The Shepard’s Path” taught by Sh. Abdulbary Yahya!

The class description is on the AlMaghrib website. It’s a class about the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Which Muslim wouldn’t want to learn about that!?!?!

The class will be from February 27-March 1st and then March 6-8 in Maryland. The registration fee is $165, but there is financial aid available and you can also get a discount if you sign up in a group of 10 or if you register with family members. (Check the financial aid link)

So give your excuses a black eye!!




IlmFest DC 2009 November 24, 2008

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Alhumdulilla at the Light Upon Light AlMaghrib class, Sh. Yasir Qadhi made the huge announcement of IlmFest 2009 being held in the DC area, Insha’Allah! 😀

This is SUPPPPER exciting and Insha’Allah our Qabeelat, Nurayn, will be able to do a good job with it.