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Hasan’s Cute Laugh March 19, 2009

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My nephew’s been in Canada for a week and a half now. We miss him sooo much! I hope he’s having fun there and I’m 100% his nani, nana, and khalas love having him around. Mash’Allah he’s super adorable and has a super cute laugh 🙂 Before he left me and my brother were playing with him. I started throwing a pillow in the air and he just couldn’t stop laughing. He got hiccups halfway through too. 🙂 So I told my brother to grab the camera and start filming 🙂 Here’s the end product. Enjoy! 😀 

May Allah bless him and protect him. Ameen.


Cool Pic March 14, 2009

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Macs are so cool.


The Pranking Companion? March 13, 2009

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What? A companion of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) was a jokster? Companion? WHAT!??

This was my reaction after reading a chapter in the book, Companions of the Prophet. An-Nu’ayman ibn Amr was a great companion who fought in major battles, including Badr, Uhud and Khandaq. However, An-Nu’ayman had a personality which was slightly different than that of the “typical” companion. Some of his jokes seem confusing but I guess humor can depend on the time period.

Once An-Nu’ayman went to the market and saw some food being sold which looked very appetizing. He ordered some and sent it to the Prophet (saw) as if it were a gift from him. The Prophet (saw) was happy when he received the food and him and his family ate it. The vendor of the food came to An-Nuayman to collect the money and an-Nuayman said to him: “Go to the Messenger of Allah. It was for him. He and his family ate it.” The vendor went to the Prophet (saw) and the Prophet (saw) asked an-Nuayman: “Didn’t you give it to me?” An-Nuayman said yes he did. He wanted the Prophet (saw) to eat it but had no dirhams to pay the vendor. So he asked the Prophet (saw) to pay for the food. The Prophet (saw) laughed about the incident. An-Nu’ayman felt two benefits of this incident: the Prophet (saw) and his family ate good food, and the Muslims had a good laugh.

I found this story funnier :):

Once Abu Bakr and some companions went on a trading journey to Busra. Suwaybit ibn Harmalah was responsible for guarding the food and provisions. An-Nu’ayman was one of the group members and became hungry. He asked Suwaybit for food, who refused. An-Nu’ayman warned him and said he would do something to him. He went to a group of Arabs and said he would sell them strong and sturdy slave. The slave had an articulate tongue and would say that he is free, but they were not to listen to him. The men paid for the slave and An-Nu’ayman completed the transaction, while the buyers went to get the “slave,” Suwaybit. The men grabbed Suwaybit as he pleaded for them to let him go, he kept saying he was a free man. 🙂 An-Nu’ayman didn’t laugh and remained calm and serious. When Abu Bakr found out what was happening he went to the Arab men and explained what had happened. They got their money back and Suwaybit came back to the caravan. The companions, including Suwaybit laughed about it. When the Prophet (saw) heard the story, him and his companions laughed even more. 🙂

The author adds a good point in this chapter:

“The religion of Islam does not require people to disdain seemly laughter and levity and remain perpetually gloomy. An appropriate sense of humor is often a saving grace.”


The Shepherd’s Path Reflection March 1, 2009

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Alhumduilla, I’ve spent the past weekend listening to Sh. Abdulbary Yahya tell us about the Seerah. Mash’Allah the class is amazing so far, and I’m sure it’ll only get better. 🙂 I’m sad to see it coming to an end soon.

Within the first ten minutes of the class, everyone was in tears. Sh. Abdulbary was telling us about the worst calamity that could hit this ummah: the death of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). You can tell that a class where everyone is tearing up in the first ten minutes is going to be amazing.

Sh. Abdulbary told us plenty of stories about the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions. One thing that really sticks out to me is a story from the time of when Banu Hashim had sanctions put against them. Saad ibn Abi Waqqas relates about his experience during that time. He said that they were so hungry that the people were eating grass and leaves. He tells about one time when he was so hungry that he found a wet, sticky substance on the ground. He said he had no idea what it was, but that he just held his nose and ate it. He said he never found out what he ate; one can only guess. Saad (ra) also said that one day he found an old leather shoe. He took it, boiled it in water and chopped it into small pieces, and then ate it. 😦 Honestly, I was telling my brothers and Abu on the ride home, that I felt so guilty. Look at the luxury we live in! We have so much food to eat that we are becoming obese and food is thrown out! SubhanAllah.

Another thing which really struck me was when Sh. Abdulbary mentioned the Hadith about how the poor will enter Jannah 500 years before the rich. Why? Because they don’t have much to be accounted for. Look at all the possessions we have to take account for! I mean we really have to ask ourselves if what we buy is necessary or not.

To see more gems from the class click here.



Hasan February 26, 2009

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Alhumdulilla, I’ve been blessed with living in a close knit family. Our house is always lively Mash’Allah, especially because of the latest addition, my nephew, Hasan. 🙂 Time flew by quick and I’m surprised at how much he’s learned in 6 months. He can sit (kinda), clap, say “come” with his hand, and even figured out how to work a light switch pad, and turn it on, Mash’Allah. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, so we have to watch out for that 🙂 Subhan’Allah it’s amazing to see how babies are able to learn so fast. He’s starting to become very mobile. He’s in the beginning stages of crawling and Mash’Allah his crawling style is SUPER cute!! 😀

I made a video of him ‘crawling’ and thought everyone would enjoy it 🙂

May Allah bless him, protect him and make him a strong and pious Muslim. Ameen.


My Random Checking February 23, 2009

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I’m sure you’ve heard about how Muslims have a hard time with security when they go on flights. Personally I HAD never experienced any discrimination of any type. Maybe it’s because the flights I’ve gone on have been international with Muslim airlines 🙂 I think Baba Ali does a good job at explaining what happens. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re pretty much pulled out of line “randomly” and checked by an officer; a pat down.

Recently, me and my family did take a domestic flight and I got a first hand experience of the “random checking.” I was wearing a beautiful black abiya with a pink design on it, and a pink hijab. I thought I looked friendly. I walked through the metal detectors, no sounds, no beeps. The security guard asked to see my boarding pass, then asked me to step into this clear box, essentially four glass walls. There was a chair in there, so I sat. I asked the officer if I had gone off in the detector and he said no. Actually I loved his response. He made is sound like I won a contest 🙂 “No, you’ve just been chosen for random checking!” like with the announcer type voice. It was weird, kinda embarrassing. I mean people are walking by and just looking at you, like as if you’ve done something wrong. You were standing there with no shoes and being patted down, the lady even had to pat my hijab! I had heard Imam Siraj’s lecture about this and never fully understood the experience. Also, my brother was “randomly” chosen; how random.

I understand the situation and the circumstances; I mean I don’t see why they would pull a little old lady out of line. But still, it’s not as random as they want us to think.


Milk, it does a body good. February 17, 2009

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Milk I’ve tried to make it a habit to drink milk on a regular basis. I’ve done pretty well with maintaining it. There are plenty of reasons why you should drink milk regularly. 🙂

1. It helps in avoiding diseases like osteoporosis, colon cancer and hypertension.

2. Milk can help protect your teeth from tooth decay and cavities.

3. Milk doesn’t put on extra pounds! In fact studies have shown that it can help you to stay slim!

4. For strong bones, teeth, nails and good hair, drink a lot of milk as it is loaded with calcium that helps your body grow strong and flexible.

5. Drinking a hot glass of milk before bedtime can soothe your nerves and relax your tense muscles putting you off to sleep immediately.

yummmm…..i love milk 🙂