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A Muslimah’s Day to Day Life

Islamic Studies November 2, 2008

Eid Cards

I guess I should have posted this earlier, but Eid will come again Insha’Allah 🙂 When you print it you have to print one side upside down so it comes out on one page. It’s suppose to be a double sided card.

Eid Cards

Hajj Booklets

For these booklets you have to print them upside down. Page 1 is suppose to have page 2 on the back, then page 3 has page 4 on the back, etc.

How Do We Make Hajj? Part 1

How Do We Make Hajj? Part 2

Hajj Review Sheet

This review sheet goes along with the booklet above. You can use it separately, but also use it as a follow up from the booklet.

Hajj Review Sheet


3 Responses to “Islamic Studies”

  1. coachsha Says:

    MashaAllah! How useful. I’ve copied the handouts (is it OK?) so I can use with my students and kids.


  2. Ameena Says:

    jazaka Allah, for the great lessons and topic inshallah I’m going to use it in our islamic weekend school. may Allah SWT bless your work, keep it in your mizaan amalakum

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