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Arabic November 2, 2008

Reading Simple Arabic Words

These worksheets are good for kids who know their alphabet and are familiar with their Harakaas.

Short Arabic Words

Matching Words to Sounds

Harakaa Review

For this worksheet you’re going to have to do a little work 🙂 It’s a color by sound worksheet. After printing it, you have to label the little parts of the masjid with different letters and different harakaa signs on top by hand.

Harakaa Review

Colors in Arabic

For this worksheet the kids should read the Arabic word in the star and then write a transliteration next to the star. Then they can color the stars.

Colors Worksheet

Animals in Arabic

For this worksheet the teacher needs to know the names of basic animals in Arabic. You can have the kids write the transliteration on the line, or they can break the word and write each letter that forms the word on the line. They then need to draw a line from the writing to the picture of the animal.

Animals Worksheet


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