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Studying April 1, 2009

Filed under: Random — blessedwithbrothers @ 11:40 am

So I had an exam today at 10:30. I didn’t study last night and had planned on studying after Fajr. I woke up late, with enough time to get ready and leave for my 9:30 class. I decided to skip my 9:30 class and study for my exam. So I’m sitting there in my room reading over my notes, when all of a sudden my janoo comes into the room with dadijaan. Of course, how can you study with cute little Hasan in the room!??! You have to keep him entertained, so you put him in front of the Mac with photobooth open…studying…huh, studying, for what??


4 Responses to “Studying”

  1. Nida Says:

    awww mashAllah… y study lol

  2. BintHashmat Says:

    I wonder how the test went…


  3. muslimah Says:

    mashaAllah he’s so cute! btw i never knew you could love your bro’s kids so much..i mean i love my sister’s baby to pieces..i dont think i can ever love any kid of my brother that much..

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