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Hasan February 26, 2009

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Alhumdulilla, I’ve been blessed with living in a close knit family. Our house is always lively Mash’Allah, especially because of the latest addition, my nephew, Hasan. 🙂 Time flew by quick and I’m surprised at how much he’s learned in 6 months. He can sit (kinda), clap, say “come” with his hand, and even figured out how to work a light switch pad, and turn it on, Mash’Allah. He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth, so we have to watch out for that 🙂 Subhan’Allah it’s amazing to see how babies are able to learn so fast. He’s starting to become very mobile. He’s in the beginning stages of crawling and Mash’Allah his crawling style is SUPER cute!! 😀

I made a video of him ‘crawling’ and thought everyone would enjoy it 🙂

May Allah bless him, protect him and make him a strong and pious Muslim. Ameen.


7 Responses to “Hasan”

  1. nani Says:

    dil nane bhara!!

  2. Muslim Girl Says:

    OH MY GODD Saimah this video is sooo cute I miss Hasan so much!

    Can you tell him his Khalas send their love 🙂 And give him a bigg kiss from us!

  3. blessedwithbrothers Says:

    Of course I’ll pass the message on to him! 🙂 He told me, he’s waiting for you guys to come! 😦

  4. Nida Says:

    Awww mashAllah! What’a cutie! I love how he kicks his legs 😀
    He’s growing so fast mashAllah.

  5. awa Says:

    saimah, is this not the CUTEST video of a baby ever??? mashallah!!!


  6. blessedwithbrothers Says:

    aww thanks Awa! Alhumdulilla, he’s my adorable nephew 🙂

  7. Maryam Says:

    Haha. He scoots his leg over to the side. Sideways maneuver.
    I love how he kicks his legs at the end.. Triumphantly. =P

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