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My Random Checking February 23, 2009

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I’m sure you’ve heard about how Muslims have a hard time with security when they go on flights. Personally I HAD never experienced any discrimination of any type. Maybe it’s because the flights I’ve gone on have been international with Muslim airlines 🙂 I think Baba Ali does a good job at explaining what happens. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re pretty much pulled out of line “randomly” and checked by an officer; a pat down.

Recently, me and my family did take a domestic flight and I got a first hand experience of the “random checking.” I was wearing a beautiful black abiya with a pink design on it, and a pink hijab. I thought I looked friendly. I walked through the metal detectors, no sounds, no beeps. The security guard asked to see my boarding pass, then asked me to step into this clear box, essentially four glass walls. There was a chair in there, so I sat. I asked the officer if I had gone off in the detector and he said no. Actually I loved his response. He made is sound like I won a contest 🙂 “No, you’ve just been chosen for random checking!” like with the announcer type voice. It was weird, kinda embarrassing. I mean people are walking by and just looking at you, like as if you’ve done something wrong. You were standing there with no shoes and being patted down, the lady even had to pat my hijab! I had heard Imam Siraj’s lecture about this and never fully understood the experience. Also, my brother was “randomly” chosen; how random.

I understand the situation and the circumstances; I mean I don’t see why they would pull a little old lady out of line. But still, it’s not as random as they want us to think.


3 Responses to “My Random Checking”

  1. binthashmat Says:

    Subhanallah, at first I was glad you haven’t been through those random checkings, but then I read the end and that is so retarded to hear. And I actually thought wearing pink would mean you’re safe. 🙂

    Well, personally I’ve had a lot of those, especially when we went on the south east asian airlines instead of UAE out. (to pk i mean). I had lotion with me, I think it was only 10ml, and in a ziplock bag (I followed the rules and everything), and the guy who was checking it told me to open it, and I grudgingly sighed and started to open it, and he pushed my hand away and pointed the bottle TOWARDS MY face, instead of between us, and he said no , YOU open it here, and I was so mad that he touched me, and I opened it and he said it’s fine and let me through.

    That was just the little part, we had to get our bags checked 500 times after that just to board the plane.

    And then when we made it back to San Francisco Airport, the guy told my sister to take off her hijab so that he can identify her with the photograph in her passport (which, let me say was taken when she was really little). She refused and we were transported to homeland security office, and over there was every other race. The guy asked us why we were there, we told him, and he said, “Aww that’s fine! you guys can go. ”
    Sorry for my long story, this is just a good topic. hehe.

  2. blessedwithbrothers Says:

    awww that’s so sad about you and your sister! 😦 I guess I just don’t fly enough to experience the random checking.

  3. a_dah2 Says:

    I’m glad you haven’t had much experience with this. I’ve got some stories, remind me one day to tell you about Kings Dominion, and one time when I went to Seattle.

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