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The Elephant January 30, 2009

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Yesterday my brother started making a poster for a Quran competition. He was searching the web for a good, non-cliche picture and searched “Quran” on Flickr. This was the first picture that came up. An elephant kneeling and listening to a boy reciting Quran. I loved it! I’m not sure if it’s altered or not, but it looks awesome 🙂

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this picture was Surah Fil. Can you imagine the desert people of Mecca running for their lives from Abraha, to the mountains of Mecca, leaving the Kaaba seemingly unprotected. Now imagine GIANT elephants; creatures you have never seen in your life marching towards your town; towards the sacred Kaaba. Then, right when the Kaaba is about to be destroyed, this giant creature of Allah disobeys his human master to obey his Ultimate Master.

There is no obedience to the creation, when their is disobedience to the Creator. I guess this even applies in animal’s lives.

Overall, a really nice picture.


6 Responses to “The Elephant”

  1. Muslim Girl Says:

    Wow, that is a really nice picture. Is it photoshopped?

    You know, one time a hafiz told me that he was outside reciting Quran under his breath when a small, colourful butterfly came out of nowhere and sat in his lap. It stayed there for a few minutes, until it flew away again.

    Isn’t that amazing, subhan’Allah?

  2. muslimah Says:

    even the jinns listen when you read the Qur’an…*shudders*

  3. blessedwithbrothers Says:

    Muslim Girl- not sure if this is photoshopped :/
    wow SubhanAllah that is amazing 🙂 I’ve never seen butterflies sit for more than a second!

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  5. Saba H Says:

    I put this picture up at work and a girl stopped by my desk and she said that she saw this picture when she went to an art gallery in Southern California. She said the artist says this picture is real, and its a picture not a painting. Wallahu alim. The pic is amazing mashallah.

  6. blessedwithbrothers Says:

    @ Saba: Wow, Subhan’Allah! 😀 That’s sooo amazing!

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