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Attack on Children September 30, 2008

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I was sent this article talking about an attack which took place in Dayton, OH on innocent Muslim children in a Masjid during Taraweeh. Seeing some people’s attitude towards Muslims is disturbing. The article says that this act could have happened mainly due to the mass mailing of the movie “Obsession” out to millions of homes across America:

Children Attacked

Sadly the Dayton Daily News definitely makes the incident sound insignificant.


Learning Arabic

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There’s a class coming to MD next week for learning Quranic Arabic, Insha’Allah. Find out more information about it here:

Bayyinah Institute Course Listings

It’s offered by Bayyinah Institute and taught by Nouman Ali Khan. I’ve heard really awsome things about this course and they offer it all over the US!

Can’t wait to take it Insha’Allah!! 😀