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Baby Hasan August 20, 2008

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I’ve been pretty busy for the past few days! My sister-in-law delievered a healthy happy baby boy Mash’Allah. His name is Hasan 🙂

Subhan’Allah it was an amazing experience to be waiting and waiting. There were happy, sad, quite, thoughtful moments throughout the whole ordeal. Alhumdulillah both mom and baby are doing very well. Insha’Allah they’ll be coming home today or tomorrow, and we’re all extrememly excited for that! 🙂

I think he’ll keep all of us busy for the time being, so until then, I’ll probably have fewer and fewer blogs 🙂

Here’s a video of him:


3 Responses to “Baby Hasan”

  1. hanna Says:

    hey i heard abt hasan!! congratulations!!!! thats great i saw his pictures and he is absolutely cute mashallah! now you are an aunt!

  2. hasan Says:

    even cuter in person


  3. Amatullah Says:

    mashaAllah!! Congrats!

    may Allah ta’ala bless him and his parents, and make him a righteous slave of Allah, ameen!

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